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20 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Celebrity Crush

There’s a difference between merely liking a celebrity and being completely obsessed with one.

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1. When you first take notice of a celebrity unknown to you, confusion sweeps your mind.

2. You then spend hours on the internet trying to learn anything and everything about them.

3. As your crush develops, you start following them on social media and liking/retweeting everything they post.

4. And get pretty aggressive when they don’t acknowledge you.

5. When you’re away from the internet for too long you get antsy because you can’t keep track of what they’re doing…

6. …And you get pissed when you realize you’ve missed something important that they did.

7. Your spirit animal is either Helga Pataki…

8. ...Or Tyler Oakley.

9. You spew out random facts about your celebrity obsession to anyone who’ll listen.

10. And get unreasonably defensive when anyone says anything bad about them.

11. You also get irrationally angry when you hear a rumor about your crush's love life.

12. And you get upset if the rumor is true.

13. But if they're happy, you're absolutely smitten.

14. There are basically a lot of feelings involved.

15. But as long as you can spend day and night cyber-stalking, you'll be fine.

16. Occasionally you lose internet followers because of your obsession, but it hardly affects you.

17. The best followers are the ones who share your obsession.

18. But only YOU can be the next Mr. or Mrs.

19. Your love for this celebrity knows no bounds.

20. Basically anything and everything you do revolves around this person. You have no life and you don’t care.

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