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20 Signs That Jennifer Lawrence Is Your Spirit Animal

The Catching Fire star is just the right amount of adorable meets awkward. Just like you.

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1. Food is always on her mind.

2. Seriously.

3. She's got her priorities straight.

4. She's a fangirl just like you.

5. She freaks out when she meets other celebs.

6. She's a total goofball.

7. She takes the best selfies.

Beth Riley / Via Flickr: trekkiebeth

8. She knows her Mean Girls.

9. She gives great advice.

10. She's a classy lady.

11. She's a master of photobombing.

12. Sometimes she doesn’t have a word filter.

13. And when she does it’s adorable.

14. She makes the best facial expressions.

15. And they probably match yours.

16. She gets easily distracted.

17. She's a total homebody.

18. She's refreshingly honest and real.

19. And she isn't afraid to admit her flaws.

20. She's pretty much the best person ever.

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