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    15 Reasons Summer School Is The Absolute Worst

    From early wake-up calls to stifling, sticky classrooms, here are some reasons summer school totally sucks.

    1. You have to wake up early while everyone else sleeps into late afternoon.

    2. Your teacher is just as excited to be there as you are.

    3. You’re stuck indoors while your friends are out actually enjoying their summer vacation.

    4. And they like to rub it in.

    5. In class you’re viewed as either a parasitic delinquent or a head-scratching moron.

    6. Most of your fellow summer school classmates are people you would NEVER socialize with.

    7. They’re usually the type of people your mother warned you about.

    8. Most of your assignments will be work you didn't want to do when they were first assigned.

    9. Or you will be required to do a billion book reports on books you have no intention of actually reading.

    10. Exam dates sneak up on you faster, so you won’t have any actual time to study.

    11. You actually have to pay attention in class because you won't have all year to bring your grades up.

    12. The time you’re used to spending in one class is doubled, sometimes tripled, leaving your brain feeling fried and deflated.

    13. The amount of weeks in summer school is too short to allow you to ditch a session or two...

    14. …And yet long enough to take up most of your vacation.

    15. By the time summer school ends, the new school year is about to begin.

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