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    These College Admissions Officers Were Floored At What Hopefuls Included With Their Applications

    Some people see admissions as the time to showcase their best, while others feel like it's time to shoot their shot.

    Getting into college was seriously stressful business.

    Even if you weren't the overachieving type, you were made to feel like ~everything~ in your future hinged on this decision.

    Some people did great under all that pressure and were able to present their best selves.

    But then there were those who panicked and tried to overcompensate for what they thought they were lacking.

    One curious redditor asked college admissions staff what the craziest thing they've seen included in an application is, and they did not disappoint.

    1. There are essay writers who focus a little too much on their audience...

    2. ...and writers with manuscripts that literally stink.

    3. Some college hopefuls are a little too cocky and do the bare minimum.

    4. There are applicants that aren't even paying attention to what they're doing.

    5. I mean, spell check is right there but go off, I guess.

    6. Some people don't quite understand what the admissions board is looking for.

    7. The way this student took a metaphor and ran with it, you'd think they were applying to an English department.

    8. There are the poor kids that are literally self-sabotaging to avoid living out someone else's dream.

    9. No one's prepared for when adding a little extra something goes wrong.

    10. It seems like a lot of these prospective students take their admissions packet for venting space and air their grievances.

    11. There can be some real *deep* musings.

    12. Sometimes that instinct to be honest works out, though.

    13. There's something to be said for self-awareness, I guess.

    14. Wholesome truths are the best truths, and apparently the most successful ones...

    15. ...even when they're a little out there.

    16. A+ for showing learning has happened.

    17. But sometimes, less is really more.

    18. Like less name dropping, for example.

    19. Some of the worst ones made it to colleges due to dumb luck.

    20. If there's one thing you can learn from these, it's that sometimes something you try totally out of left field can actually work.

    Let this serve as some inspiration, kiddos.

    Ever read a ridiculous college app? Ever submitted one? Let's hear all about it in the comments below.