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    When Has The Mandela Effect Completely Bodied Your Notion Of Time And Memory?

    At least you know it's not just your memory that's shot.

    It's no secret that we're a society that loooves to look back at our past.

    We're in the age of nostalgia in media, fashion, and more, despite the drive into the future. Amidst our conversations of the days of yore, the public has made some startling discoveries of how we remember things.

    Enter the Mandela Effect, a phenomenon that sees false memories about pop culture moments remembered by big chunks of people as the truth.

    My life-altering Mandela Effect moment was not "Barenstain/Barenstein," it was just now where I realized it's "Flavor of the WEAK" not "Week"

    @BrendanMenapace / Via Twitter: @BrendanMenapace

    It most famously came to everyone's attention in 2016 when there was a study into a whole subreddit's collective vivid memory of Sinbad as a genie in the nonexistent film Shazaam.

    And since then, plenty more have come out — like whether or not Curious George had a tail or what is the correct spelling of the Berenstain Bears.

    Some of the most shocking Mandela Effects deal with the cartoon characters we grew up with. For example, many people remember Mr. Monopoly wearing a monocle, Curious George having a tail, Mickey Mouse having suspenders, and Pikachu having a black stripe on his tail.

    @NickHintonn / Via Twitter: @NickHintonn

    So, now I'm asking you: Which Mandela Effect moments have gotten you, and more importantly, which are still bugging you after all this time?

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