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    19 Wedding Guest Horror Stories That Will Have You Side-Eyeing Your Whole Guest List

    Weddings are hard work, and sometimes they can be ruined in a matter of minutes.

    A lot of hard work and decision-making goes into making a wedding happen.

    wedding table decoration with fresh colorful flowers and candles

    There are some things you can't plan for, however.

    Here are some guests who may have made the weddings they attended memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

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    1. "I attended a wedding last year where, while the very beautiful bride was walking down the aisle, one of the groomsmen 'nonchalantly' turned around and peed in the bush he was standing in front of," one wedding guest of Reddit revealed.

    2. "When I was still a child, I went to a family wedding with my parents. One of the drunk uncles started dancing on the dance floor with his wife before the bridal couple did their official first dance," another commenter recalled.

    3. "After being asked to not bring any drugs to the wedding, a particular guest brought drugs to the wedding. It was a classy affair, and he tried to be discrete, but unfortunately the groom's elderly relatives walked in on this guest in the men's bathroom doing a line of coke," a horrified redditor shared.

    4. "My uncle kept demanding that God doesn't recognize my marriage because it wasn't done in a Catholic Church," a former bride shared.

    5. "My FIL. As Best Man, he carried my ring in his pocket. He went outside to smoke his pipe before the ceremony and was fiddling with the ring and dropped it in the grass. It was night," a bride recalls of her big day. "The wedding was delayed as everyone got flashlights to help look for it. No one told me what was going on. They couldn't find it, so my MIL let my husband borrow her anniversary band that was fancy and had diamonds in it."

    6. "During the wedding party, some of the family of the groom planned/'pranked' the party by dressing in Teletubby costumes and running around to the theme music," a perplexed guest recalled. "Instead of Teletubby masks (that would match the costumes), they had plain cheap white plastic masks from the costume store."

    7. This time, the bad guests might actually be the bride and groom's fault. "I attended a wedding a few years ago where over half of the guests weren’t invited to the ceremony…but didn’t know it," a guest shared.

    8. "An aunt brought a piñata in the shape of a woman so the groom could have something to 'pop' that night since my sister wasn't a virgin (she had a child from her first marriage)," another redditor shared.

    9. "My mom and dad walked from table to table and 'quietly' told everyone that they were separating," one probably traumatized guest recalled.

    10. A friend brings her new boyfriend to the wedding, and things do not go as planned. "During the service, we were standing at the back because of limited seating. He started saying things like, 'Don't do it,' 'Marriage is bullshit,' and 'Let's get to the libations,'" a shocked guest shared.

    11. "My biological father and my cousin from that side snuck out of the reception a half hour in without saying goodbye because it was dry," an annoyed bride recalled.

    12. "At my friends’ wedding the bride’s mother spent the whole 10-minute speech listing all of the terrible things that had happened that year (deaths in the family, unfortunate diagnoses and health issues, damage to property due to natural disasters) and then every once in a while would go '…so it’s nice to have had this wedding to look forward to!' before diving right back into it," a befuddled guest revealed.

    13. Most people don't expect their officiant to be the nightmare in the equation, but then there's this couple. "My officiant was over an hour late, brought her adult daughter, and ate all my bacon-wrapped scallops," she shared.

    14. Those grandparents can be wild cards. "My nan found a loophole to the no-phone rule during the ceremony and used her gigantic iPad instead," a guest recalled of their cousin's wedding.

    15. Siblings can be too. "The maid of honor gave a toast about all the bride's ex-boyfriends, how bad they were, how she messed up, just finally got her life together, and how the maid of honor was doing great in life," the redditor wrote.

    16. Extending invites to make your family happy sounds like a good idea until you're in a situation like this. "The bride's mom insisted on inviting one of her coworkers who had never even met the bride. The friend showed up in an ankle-length lacy white dress," the redditor recalled.

    17. "My husband's aunt pregamed before our ceremony started. She was trashed and kept photobombing my family pictures," a bride shared of her special day.

    18. Are you still a wedding guest if half the wedding gets canceled? "Bride and her mom got into a fistfight in the church parking lot. The priest tried to break them up, and the mom punched him," the guest shared.

    19. "The MOH, her ENTIRE 10-minute speech is about the groom being her BFF since childhood and their 'special connection' that can't be broken. Zero mention of the bride," a wedding bartender shared.

    Wedding guests, let's hear it. When did you see someone else who was invited act out?

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