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    18 Life Skills Adults Should Know, But Never Learn In School

    There's no shame in needing help growing up.

    There's a whole reason we created the term "adulting." Tons of life skills we need IRL are not taught to us until we're expected to have already known them.

    As people's upbringings and experiences vary, some people learn some things growing up that others do not. School, which is supposed to put us all on a more level playing field, doesn't always help.

    Gone are the days of learning home ec or trades in school, meaning some skills are not learned widely.

    Here are some of the many skills we should get a heads up about in school before needing them in adult life.

    1. Letter writing and sending packages

    woman sitting at a table writing a letter

    2. Cooking — from meal planning to shopping to putting the meal together.

    Young woman returned with purchases from grocery store takes fresh organic vegetables out of mesh bag putting on kitchen table at home close view

    3. Paying bills — by mail, by phone, or online

    Young business man making financial plan while working from home

    4. Budgeting

    Modern married multi-ethnic young couple calculating financial bills at home

    5. An understanding of all the different kinds of insurance

    Couple and child with insurance broker

    6. Government, from bottom to top

    woman with ipad walking down court steps

    7. Cleaning your house

    Smiling young woman cleaning carpet with vacuum cleaner at home

    8. Laundry

    Cheerful black kid boy sitting on dad's lap and helping father at linen in basket while doing laundry near washing machine in flight kitchen in weekend at home

    9. Car skills

    Hands of car mechanic in auto repair service

    10. Navigating without a phone (maps, compasses, etc.)

    Close-up of hands holding compass & map, in forest

    11. Healthy/safe social media use

    Frustrated young adult woman reading message on smartphone

    12. Basic first aid and CPR

    young person performing CPR on a test dummy

    13. How to handle emergencies

    Blackout survival kit with basic elements

    14. Resume writing and applying for jobs

    Person working on computers next to files

    15. Social etiquette

    man holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back as woman answers door for date

    16. Self-care

    Woman mid exercise outdoors

    17. Goal Setting

    New Year 2023 goals and resolution business concept with notebook, coffee cup, computer keyboard and plant on modern office desk

    18. Basic home repairs

    Young woman sanding wall with a sanding block after skim coating. Preparation before painting

    What other life skills do you think should be taught in schools? Share in the comments!