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    25 Nostalgic Photos That Will Put Late-Era Millennials In Their Feelings

    Prepare to feel some type of way.

    An image can bring you back to a very specific moment in ways you don't even expect.

    Young millennials, here are some that are about to hit you where it hurts: your childhood.

    1. Which six CDs were living in here when your friends came over mattered.

    2. And what you had on here mattered, too.

    —  Achim Hepp/Flickr

    3. But filling the thing took dedication.

    4. Having DCOMs on deck never hurt.

    5. Maybe you were lounging in these.

    6. Growing up, there were some weird toys like Robo Dogs.

    7. McDonald's was still giving away good stuff, like these iconic Batman glasses for $1 each.

    8. As Seen on TV had a MOMENT while we were growing up, from toys...

    9. instructional videos and DVDs.

    10. Who among us didn't want to set it and forget it?

    11. Neither your hair nor your heart were ready for this.

    12. The video games were varied, low-quality, and wonderful. From the educational...

    13. the time-sucking and addictive.

    14. No one had a clue that gaming had a future, let alone what it had in store, tbh.

    15. Before social media there was Neopets.

    16. Or Club Penguin.

    17. Sports gaming was at it's highest at this point.

    18. This era was fullll of unforgettable commercials.

    19. Like this one.

    20. And this one.

    21. And wow, I can really hear this one.

    22. The weirder it was, the better you remember it.

    23. The snacks were lit.

    24. The condiments were neon-colored.

    25. Doesn't it all take you back?

    What else from this era really takes YOU back? Let's talk in the comments!