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    The High School Years Are Way Different For People Outside Of The US, And These People Are Telling Us Why

    Some people have greater opportunity or greater responsibility than others as teens in school.

    It's time to learn about what "high school" is like in other countries, y'all.

    After years of being bombarded by images of what high school is like in the states, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to dish on what schooling during the teen years is like in their countries.

    Here's how they described schooling around the world.

    1. Australia

    Aerial view of a high school campus in Australia

    Another Aussie shared their experience.

    four teenage girls in uniforms walking down a walkway together

    2. Germany

    three women leaning in to see something

    "Now, to what it is like. School normally starts around 7:40 a.m., a period lasts 45 minutes, followed by a five-minute break. Most schools will have their 'big break' (15-20 minutes) after second period. Unless you have afternoon school, usually the school day ends after sixth period, around 1 p.m."

    Secondary school in Germany

    "There are electives, like literature, psychology, philosophy, astronomy, etc. but not before 11/12th grade."

    two teenage boys working on a robotic project in a german high school

    3. Caribbean

    Secondary school in Trinidad

    4. United Kingdom

    two teenage girls in uniforms working with science manipulatives

    A couple of BuzzFeed Community members likened their UK high school experience to The Inbetweeners.

    5. South Africa

    South African students working at their desks in uniforms

    6. Canada

    lockers in a high school hallway

    7. The Netherlands

    outside of a school building in Amsterdam

    8. Serbia

    three teenagers talking in the hallway at school

    9. Brazil

    students sitting in class taking notes

    10. Sweden

    Teens talking in class in a classroom in Sweden

    11. Israel

    students sitting in class learning in Israel

    12. Finland

    Finland upper secondary school

    13. New Zealand

    New Zealand students lined up outside of their school for a photo opportunity

    "4.) At the end of the school year, there was a prize-giving ceremony that students and parents went to, and prizes were given for various academic, arts, or sporting achievements."

    New Zealand students playing rugby

    14. India

    Indian student and teacher working together with science equipment

    Who do you think has it the best? What are your own experiences like? Talk about it in the comments!