15 People Share Stories Of Weddings Where People Actually Objected

    Forever holding your peace is not for everyone.

    As someone who is getting married soon-ish, a wedding objection sounds like a pretty huge nightmare.

    Imagine what it takes to get dressed up and head to someone's wedding, blending in effortlessly as a well-wisher to turn around and wait for the moment where an officiant asks about objections, and THEN pipe up.

    It's only acceptable in the case of Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert to be very brutally honest.

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    It's no surprise most people skip this portion of the program today, but here are some people who did see wedding objections happen.

    1. The bride's bestie professed her love and tried to get her to ditch the groom.

    2. In this one, the best man revealed he and the groom were hooking up.

    @theyearofelan I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and the best man objected because he and the groom were having an affair. Bride was shocked but we all attended the reception (minus groom and best man) and had one big ass party!!

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    3. Honestly, you shouldn't be too surprised when someone feels compelled to punch you in the face for objecting.

    @theyearofelan Yes. It was quite literally In The backwoods of MT. The brides ex was said to be hiding out in the Woods. The bride was about two hours late. One of the grooms brothers was officiating. The other brother objected and the groom punched him.

    @dono324/Twitter / Via Twitter: @dono324

    4. Or if they tell you to f*ck off.

    5. It seems like it's usually a third party that's interested in breaking things up.

    @theyearofelan Yes! At a wedding about 20 years ago. The bride’s boss stood up and objected because he said he was in love with her. All hell broke loose and they stopped the ceremony. A week later the bride and groom broke up and they returned their wedding gifts.

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    6. And sometimes, that third party is the bride or groom's sibling.

    @theyearofelan yes. the bride’s sister objected by saying she was pregnant.... by the groom. a year later the groom married said sister.

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    7. The scramble for silence can be the loudest objection.

    8. But sometimes the objection is SO loud.

    @theyearofelan Yes, it's a long story but when the priest got to that part at my uncle's wedding all 200 guests coughed (you know the cough I'm talking about) at the same time. Unplanned and unironically!

    @jlbruederle15/Twitter / Via Twitter: @jlbruederle15

    9. Some family members can't keep their opinions to themselves.

    wedding ceremony set up

    10. There are quite a few that are plain awful and show up only to start trouble.

    "Wasn’t me, but we witnessed a family member walk out during this part of the ceremony because they didn’t support the interracial marriage. Couple is still happily married to this day and that family member is still a racist."

    — u/reason_prisoner

    11. And sometimes, an objection can be more lighthearted than you'd think.

    Persian wedding ceremony set up

    12. It can even be a full-out joke.

    bride and groom looking at each other laughing

    13. You'll even see an objection at a playground wedding.

    Kids be spilling all the Tea at school I hope they do the same when they’re teenagers. My daughter said her classmates had a wedding at recess today and the boy said they were moving too fast and objected at his own wedding and the girl started crying I-

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    14. Kids have a really funny way of getting involved.

    ring bearer holding pillow with rings

    15. A lot of the time, the show will go on, even if the objection is valid.

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    Have you heard of any weddings where someone was compelled to "speak now"? Share your story in the comments!