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    10 New Parenting Trends I'm Willing To Trade In And The 10 Old Ones I'll Gladly Take In Their Place

    No parent is perfect, but over time, every generation has had their pearls of parenting wisdom.

    Parenting, like other areas of life, is subject to fads and trends that come and go.

    It's no surprise that as the world around them changes, parents figure out better ways to handle some common issues with kids.

    If you thought the Y2K trend of mommy blogging changed the parenting game, imagine what social media has done to it.

    Here are some looks at good things past parenting has offered, as well as some current trends we desperately need to ditch.

    1. Retire: Gentle-ish parenting

    mom sitting behind a toddler trying to put her sweater sleeve on as she cries while wearing a sock on her hand

    2. Bring Back: Family dinners, every night

    arabic family enjoying dinner together at a rectangular shiny wooden table

    3. Retire: Staycations

    asian kids sitting in an inflatable pool eating cucumbers

    4. Bring Back: Basic birthdays

    parent lighting birthday candles in front of a child

    5. Retire: Gender reveals

    Some snacks for gender reveal party

    6. Bring Back: Playing games together

    Family sitting around a table playing a board game together

    7. Retire: Bulldozer parenting

    mom bubble wrapping her kid, who wears a helmet, before they can play in a gymnasium

    8. Bring Back: Time outdoors

    hispanic father playing soccer in the backyard with his two kids

    9. Retire: Stage (or sports or social media) parenting

    mom motioning to crying daughter to look at the camera

    10. Bring Back: Chore charts

    dad checking chore chart on the fridge with his daughter

    11. Retire: Tablets at restaurants

    toddler and grade-school aged child dressed in button downs playing with a tablet at a restaurant with a plate of food in front of them

    12. Bring back: Doing nothing

    kid sitting on suitcase looking bored

    13. Retire: Pranking your kids

    little girl in pigtails with big eyes and a mischievous smile

    14. Bring back: Being a stickler for manners

    Girl wiping her mouth with a napkin at the dinner table

    15. Retire: Prefix-suffix names

    Pregnant woman writing baby names list on sofa, closeup

    16. Bring back: Focusing on social skills

    Kids socializing while a pregnant and postpartum mom talk

    17. Retire: Bad competitive energy

    girl rubbing her eyes beneath her glasses w hile wearing headphones and looking tired and frustrated in front of her computer

    18. Bring Back: Letting kids enjoy their own homes

    little boy peering into a drawer as an adult moves to stop him

    19. Retire: Overpacked schedule

    mom working while husband and son try talking to her

    20. Bring Back: Simple school lunches

    a sandwich and a granola bar with an apple in the background

    What do you think? Is modern parenting the move, or did they have it right back in the day? Let's discuss in the comments.