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30 "Living Single" Celebrity Cameos That You Probably Forgot About

Living Single had some of the biggest and most relevant names in pop culture popping into scenes throughout the '90s.

In my humble opinion, few sitcoms from the '90s rose to the greatness of Living Single.

The friend group-based sitcom was the one that inspired everything (including that other sitcom you're probably thinking of right now).

Not only did the core cast absolutely slay their roles, but any time a guest star appeared, it really turned the laughs up a notch.

Here are some of the greatest to make cameos on Living Single.

1. Melissa De Sousa made an appearance in two different Season 1 episodes of the show, portraying two different secondary characters. In this one, she tips Overton, whose serving as the group's male stripper for a party.

2. Nia Long appears in the first season as Stacey Evans, a woman who is friends with Khadijah when she meets Kyle and catches his eye.

Nia Long and Queen Latifah in a scene from "Living Single"

3. Terrence Howard plays Brendan King, an eager student who seeks more than law tutelage from Maxine in Season 1.

Terrence Howard and Erika Alexander in a scene from "Living Single"

4. Overton briefly dates Cree Summers as Summer in the first season.

Cree Summers with John Henton and Kim Fields in a scene from "Living Single"

5. Morris Chestnut appeared in a two-part Season 1 episode as Hamilton Brown, a handsome new addition to the building who all four women are attracted to.

Morris Chestnut and Erika Alexander in a scene from "Living Single"

6. Mark Curry was already known as Mr. Cooper when he appeared on Season 1 of Living Single as Regine's latest love interest, a stand-up comedian named Tony Ross.

Mark Curry as a stand up comedian on "Living Single"

7. Heavy D appeared in a few different Season 2 episodes as Darryl, Regine’s friend.

Heavy D as Darryl visiting Kim Fields on "Living Single"

8. Deion Sanders goes unnoticed by the men of the cast in Season 2, where he runs through the back of the scene as they watch him playing in a game.

Deion Sanders appearing on "Living Single"

9. Rosie O'Donnell plays Sheri, a college friend of Khadijah's, in Season 2.

Rosie O'Donnell as Sheri and Queen Latifah as Khadijah in a scene from "Living Single"

10. Shemar Moore guest stars as Jon Marc, Synclaire's study-buddy who stirs up trouble when he kisses her during Season 2.

Shemar Moore and Kim Fields in a scene from "Living Single"

11. Kadeem Hardison plays reporter Marcus Hughes, a professional opponent who is as interested in Khadijah as his story in the second season.

Queen Latifah and Kadeem Hardison in a scene from "Living Single"

12. Jenifer Lewis appears as talk show host Delia Deveaux in Season 2, which also features another celebrity cameo.

Jenifer Lewis and T.C. Carson in a scene from "Living Single"

13. Will Ferrell is a guest on the talkshow, deemed a roommate from hell.

Will Ferrell arguing with a female roommate on a talk show in a scene from "Living Single"

14. Regina King portrays Zina, a smoker who interviews to be a roommate when Regine starts moving out in the Season 2 finale.

Queen Latifah and Regina King in a scene from "Living Single"

15. Bumper Robinson begins his recurring gig as messenger-turned-intern Ivan Ennis in Season 3.

Bumper Robinson as Ivan Ennis in "Living Single"

16. Grant Hill appears as himself, Khadijah's interview subject, who later asks her on a date in the third season.

Grant Hill talking to Queen Latifah as Khadijah on "Living Single"

17. Eartha Kitt is a client of Kyle's in Season 3, who he's excited to get attention from until he realizes her attention is more than just professional.

Eartha Kitt and T.C. Carson in "Living Single" scene

18. A young Kyla Pratt makes an appearance as part of a group of campers in the same episode.

Kyla Pratt with Kim Coles in "Living Single"

19. Dean Cain appeared as himself in Season 3, stopping by the apartment after Khadijah found his wallet in the back of a cab.

Dean Cain and Queen Latifah shaking hands in "Living Single"

20. Overton keeps having sexy dreams about TLC in Season 3.

Overton surrounded by the members of TLC

21. Tatyana Ali appears as Khadijah's half-sister in Season 3.

Tatyana M. Ali and Queen Latifah in a scene from "Living Single"

22. Monica appears as Khadijah's date's sister in Season 3.

Monica looking distressed in a scene with Queen Latifah in "Living Single"

23. Isaiah Washington plays Dr. Charles Roberts, who is interested in Khadijah, in some Season 4 episodes.

Isaiah Washington leaning in to kiss Queen Latifah in a scene from "Living Single"

24. Vivica A. Fox plays a gold-digger who sets her sights on Darryl (Heavy D) in Season 4.

Heavy D and Vivica Fox in a scene in "Living Single"

25. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appears as himself in Season 4.

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar in "Living Single"

26. Kenya Moore appears as one of Kyle's dates, Lisa DeLongpre, late in Season 4.

T.C. Carson and Kenya Moore in a scene from "Living Single"

27. Gladys Knight appears in a fun-filled Season 4 episode where Synclaire and Overton introduce each other to the other's parents.

Gladys Knight in a scene from "Living Single"

28. Montell Jordan appeared as himself in an early Season 5 episode, casually dropping by the apartment to watch football with Tripp.

Montell Jordan and Kim Fields in a scene from "Living Single"

29. Chaka Khan also makes an appearance as herself in Season 5 in an episode full of Motown-inspired dream sequences.

Chaka Khan performing in an episode of "Living Single"

30. Lastly, John Witherspoon plays Smoke Eye Howard, a hitchhiker Overton, Tripp, and Russell pick up on their way to a football game in Season 5.

John Witherspoon in a football game scene in "Living Single"

Which Living Single appearance was your favorite? Which is the most unforgettable? Let's talk in the comments!

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