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    I'm Using My Past Life As A Cashier To Give You These 17 Never-Fail Tips On Saving Money At The Grocery Store

    Shop smart and make your money go further.

    Grocery prices have me out here sweating this summer, and not because of the heat.

    Luckily, my time as a supermarket cashier in high school did teach me a few things about saving money while shopping for food and household necessities.

    Here are some of those tips that can really make a difference.

    1. Check out all the grocery stores in your area and choose wisely.

    grocery store circulars in a messy pile

    2. Buy more frozen and canned veggies (especially if you're throwing out unused fresh veggies at the end of the week).

    blocks of frozen vegetables in a stack, from top to bottom grean beans, carrot mix, corn, and peas

    3. Get your spices elsewhere.

    Spice rack with glass jars and tiny metal spoons

    4. Buy your staples in bulk if you're able.

    5. Explore all your different options for protein.

    nuts, fish, avocado

    6. Track the prices on your staples.

    spreadsheet and graphs on a laptop screen

    7. Shop the sales, but pay attention.

    Woman examining item in grocery store while holding a basket

    8. Join all of your store's coupon apps and reward programs.

    Woman showing cashier a coupon on her phone

    9. Learn how to cook your prepackaged favorites from scratch.

    Woman and mother learning how to cook

    10. Check out the damaged and discounted items.

    sale signage in supermarket

    11. Shop later at night.

    blurry view of a supermarket aisle with snacks

    12. The rotisserie chicken is a seriously great value.

    rotisserie chickens on display

    13. Don't sleep on store brands.

    Cart in dairy aisle

    14. Avoid things that are in any way pre-prepared.

    Stir fry being cooked

    15. Stay away from the snacks by the register.

    cashier surrounded by snacks waiting

    16. Bring your own bags!

    woman walking with two reusable bags full  of groceries

    17. Talk to your cashier!

    cashier ringing up a man

    Fellow employees and survivors of places where foods are sold, share your secrets! There's no gatekeeping allowed in this comment section.