I Can’t Believe Millennial Women Were Taught These 15 Super-Toxic Things Growing Up, And Therapy Should Be Free

    Millennial women are all grown up, contrary to popular belief, and they're over the toxic rules they grew up with.

    I recently reached the ripe old age of 30, and as a millennial woman, that's no small feat.

    Millennials grew up during a really intense and stressful time in history, to begin with.

    Being a woman on top of it has been ~an experience~.

    1. Many millennial women grew up being taught rules that were straight-up toxic. So much of what our parents preached taught us to put others' needs before our own, to shrink and diminish ourselves for the comfort of men, and that our lives could only look a handful of ways.

    2. Let's talk about career options. Millennial girls were taught girls could grow up to be anything — but were discouraged from actually pursuing that.

    3. They also encouraged us to go into debt for our education.

    The millennial urge to be force into college without having a clue of what you wanted to do, get into massive student loan debt and be called lazy for the rest of eternity by the media

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    4. Even if you got an education, you were reminded that a career shouldn't matter to you more than a relationship and the all-important path to marriage.

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    5. We were taught that being smart and pretty were both really important, but you could only be one.


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    6. If you were smart, that was your WHOLE identity, and maintaining it was more important than anything else.

    Did you grow up associating self-worth with good grades or are you normal

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    7. For the pretty girls, you were expected to build your future around your looks.

    Donna Martin saying "I better find a rich guy to marry me" on "Beverly Hills, 90210"

    8. Did I mention we were constantly bombarded with reminders that being skinny was the only way to be beautiful?

    Love to be gaslit about what hunger is!!!

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    9. Some of us had families where having any big feelings was written off as being "dramatic."

    my parents called me “dramatic” and that I supposedly cried for everything, till this day they still have no idea I have anxiety .. https://t.co/HByyE5rxl3

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    10. Others had parents who were debilitating-levels of involved in their lives.

    Still have to talk yourself into making a simple phone call for a manicure or a doctor's appointment? You're not the only one.

    11. Being strong was more important than being gentle with yourself.

    12. When it comes to sex, you were damned if you did...

    13. ...and damned if you didn't.

    14. Millennial women grew up being told to cover up because men couldn't control themselves.

    When some pastor tells you to cover your children up because there are men around struggling to control themselves the appropriate response is NOT “wow, 4yo girl needs to be a one piece swimsuit”, it is “you’re a fucking predator who should never have access to children.”

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    15. The media tore apart everything we loved, especially our favorite stars.

    I mean, talk about exhausting. It's no wonder millennials are doing things differently than the generations before them, especially when it comes to their kids.

    Millennial women, what rules and attitudes were you fed up with growing up? Let me know in the comments!