"Degrassi" Is Being Revived And Whatever It Takes, We Need These 15 Alumni To Come Back

    Degrassi is coming back, and every other teen series out there is not prepared.

    Degrassi franchise fans were treated to the incredible news that there will be another chapter with a new HBO Max series in development for a 2023 premiere.

    School is back in session. Thrilled to be partnering with @hbomax on a new #Degrassi series from @WildBrainHQ! https://t.co/g3qW5vLp24 https://t.co/2aenyPBjUg

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @Degrassi

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lara Azzopardi of The Bold Type and Julia Cohen of Riverdale will take the reins from former showrunners Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn as showrunners and executive produce the new series.

    HBO Max is also getting all 14 seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation for streaming, which is seriously perfect for the binge-watcher in all of us.

    New Degrassi will focus on both students and teachers, which is great because a) it keeps a lot of the feel of the previous series in the franchise and b) because it brings the opportunity for some familiar faces to come back!

    Degrassi fans aren't just dreaming either. Actors are commenting on the revival, and more than a few wouldn't mind reprising their roles, like Ana Golja. You might remember her as Zoe Rivas, Queen Bee of the late DTNG seasons and the Netflix seasons Degrassi: Next Class.

    Soooo….Zoe Rivas is going to be the Drama class TA? 😇 The new students def want a cute teacher that greets them with “Bonjour Bitches”. 💁🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/iQlgO9emYb

    Ana Golja/Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheAnaGolja

    Inspired by her tweet, here are some more ways I could totally see Degrassi students from back in the day coming back today.

    And if you're not up on your Degrassi, beware of spoilers ahead!

    1. It wouldn't be Degrassi without Emma.

    2. Seeing her co-parent with Spinner? Yes, please.

    3. Of course, this would necessitate Manny.

    4. We would, of course, need the return of Principal Simpson.

    5. In other faculty musts, let's bring back Marco Del Rossi.

    Marco probably teaches English and Drama at Degrassi #Degrassi

    Epitome Pictures / Via Twitter: @bredrew2

    You may remember that Marco came back as a student teacher in Season 9 of DTNG. By now, Marco would be a seasoned faculty member who knows how to balance getting work done and being a safe space for his students.

    6. As she said, drama would have to be in the hands of seasoned actor Zoe Rivas.

    7. I'd also love Clare Edwards, the writing teacher.

    8. With Miles Hollingsworth as her co-teacher because come onnnnnnn.

    9. And Maya Matlin, music teacher extraordinare.

    10. Craig pops by as a special guest speaker.

    11. So does Terri.

    12. Paige Michalchuk definitely rules the cheer world today.

    13. And I really hope by now, Degrassi takes place in a world that Bianca DeSousa runs.

    14. Shay Powers continues to be an athlete and a brilliant scientist.

    15. And finally, Lola Pacini could own the newest student after-school hangout spot.

    Those are just some of my countless ideas. Who are you dying to see come back and how? Let me know in the comments!