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Divorce Lawyers, What Is The Worst Drama You've Seen While Handling A Case?

Even the most amicable divorce comes with bumps in the road.

Everyone has a different outlook on the end of a marriage, especially the two people it's ending for.

If you lived through your parents' divorce or watched a lot of TV growing up (guilty), you're probably used to divorces looking super ~emotional~.

It's easy to dismiss what you see in entertainment, but what about what it's really like?

IRL, divorce arguments can get heated and they can get petty.

People use all kinds of schemes to get back at their ex during divorces, which is why even the most amicable splits can go south.

Privy to the most goss (and able to say the least) are divorce lawyers.

With the anonymity of the internet and some colorful storytelling, we're looking to hear your stories. Divorce attorneys, what are some of the craziest situations you've seen?

Share your stories in the comments, and they might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!