23 Of The Best Proposal Scenes From TV Shows

    Ugly cry down memory lane with me as we celebrate some of TV's most beautiful proposals

    Every couple handles the big proposal in a different way. Some want a ~big thing~ while others are content with a more intimate ask.

    TV has given us great examples of both. These TV couples' engagements have made viewers laugh, cry, and squeal at how awesome love can be.

    1. Jim and Pam's proposal on The Office proved a big speech isn't necessary.

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    Even though Jim and Pam agreed not to get engaged when they were about to spend three months apart, some things just can't wait.

    2. Chandler tried to propose The Right Way a hundred times before Monica caught him by surprise.

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    Monica and Chandler's proposal is the sweetest thing in the world. You can tell the moment pushes them both out of their comfort zone, but they both come to the realization that the proposal isn't as important as the love it celebrates.

    3. Jane tells Michael all the reasons why she doesn't love him during her proposal on Jane The Virgin.

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    This wasn't the role reversal anyone was expecting from the romantic Jane Villanueva, but she was brave and she did the thing.

    4. Emily may have screwed up Alison's original proposal on Pretty Little Liars, but she did a great job making this into a sobfest for any fan of the couple.

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    Emison was one of the fans' favorite ships and seeing how they grew and evolved in their time apart and their time together had fans rooting hard for this couple.

    5. Mitch and Cam continued to be the perfect couple with their joint proposal on Modern Family.

    6. Another iconic mutual proposal is when Kai asks Jamal to marry him on Empire.

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    Little did he know that Jamal was also ready to propose. Jamal and Kai had been through it but it all paid off in this joyful, touching moment.

    7. We thought we were about to have Cory and Topanga ripped away from us, but Boy Meets World threw in the mother of all plot twists.

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    It seemed all but certain Topanga was going to have to go to Yale and move on, but love conquers all. We may not agree from a girl power POV, but for every kid who grew up watching these two fall in love, it was kind of beautiful.

    8. Niles also had a foiled perfect proposal on Frasier when Daphne got a cold.

    Niles proposing to Daphne on "Frasier"

    9. The way that Schmidt mirrors his first comments toward Cece when he proposes on New Girl...I need a moment.

    10. Blair and Chuck were drrraaammma, but this sweet marriage proposal was their full-circle moment.

    11. We didn't get D.J. and Steve's happily ever after in the original series, but Fuller House made up for it with a super sweet proposal.

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    You probably didn't think you'd be invested in D.J. and Steve 25+ years later, but here we are and we're crying.

    12. Charlotte thought she was back to square one at singles' night until she saw her baldie across the room.

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    Sex and the City didn't bring you a lot of romance you could still feel good about years later, but Charlotte and Harry were a bright spot. This proposal is so sweet and clumsy and perfectly them.

    13. When Dexter finally taps into his soft side and tells Rita how he feels

    Rita crying and hugging Dexter after he proposed

    14. Meredith was so weirded out when she couldn't just got on an elevator until she saw McDreamy and the perfect elevator awaiting her.

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    He decorated the elevator with imaging from all the different patients she treated that made him fall for her. He sang her praises and then popped the question and it was everything Meredith deserved in that moment.

    15. Back in the days of real cliffhangers, we had to wait MONTHS to find out who Sam proposed to over the phone on Cheers.

    16. Another proposal that was a season-ending cliffhanger was when Rick proposed to Kate on Castle.

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    Waiting for a few months was nothing for fans who waited five years for this moment.

    17. Fran and Maxwell's proposal on The Nanny proved it was never about the extravagance to Fran. It was always about Maxwell.

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    Max is just heading out to propose to Fran (after a sob-inducing conversation with his first wife's ghost) when he gets jumped. Fran finds him and while he's been robbed of her ring and anything worth value, the moment is perfect for him to ask her the question she waited years to hear.

    18. Trista and Ryan proving that you actually can find love on The Bachelorette.

    Trista Wren being proposed to by Ryan Sutter

    19. Kanye West's proposal to Kim was shown on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

    20. It's not often TV treats you to a musical proposal, but Glee was really a unique moment, as were Kurt and Blaine.

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    Blaine performs "All You Need Is Love," then caps off with this super romantic, everyone-watching proposal on a grand staircase with some real late 00s fashion happening.

    21. Jake and Amy's charm is their battle of wits, and Jake nailed incorporating the heist into his proposal.

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    Amy thought she had sweet victory when she found the belt in the evidence room until she read the inscription and we all nervous-laugh-cried.

    22. Connor and Oliver have the perfect proposal with a not-so-perfect ending on How To Get Away With Murder.

    Oliver Hampton with his hand over his mouth as Connor Walsh proposes on "How To Get Away With Murder"

    23. Did you expect anything other than a proposal gone awry for David and Patrick on Schitt's Creek?

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    Watching this relationship transform was everything fans wanted and the proposal didn't disappoint either. Patrick's plan doesn't go off without a hitch, but he still finds a way to bring David — and all of us — to tears.

    What other TV proposals hit you right in the feels? Let us know in the comments!