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    19 People Reveal The Secret They've Made It This Far In Life Without Telling Their Parents

    Because some secrets are just too juicy to keep.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to spill the secrets you've kept from your parents after all these years and y'all did not disappoint with the drama. Here are some of the best.

    Some people have been hiding salacious or unwise hookups.

    1. "That I have been secretly hooking up with my uncle's wife's brother who is only a few years older than me. It's been going on for almost ten years now.😳" — superbiggy6

    2. "When I was 16/17 I spent 6 months hooking up with the 32-year-old renting out our basement at the time."

    "My dad knows I hung out with him once, and my mom knows that we hooked up once, but the hanging out and hooking up went on for way longer than they thought, and they didn't even find out about the 'one time' until after he had moved out. Obviously, I have a lot of regrets regarding that situation."


    Some people were engaging in a liiiitttle bit of theft

    3. "I had a period in my childhood when I would take my parent's money without them knowing. My allowance was almost non-existent, and first I would pickpocket them but I think it was a thrilling thing too, not being caught."

    4. "Exactly how much damage I did to their cars. I was terrible at reversing and hit many other cars and even a light pole."

    A lot of people have decided it's easier not to share their sexuality with their loved ones.

    5. "That I'm way gay" —rindsayrohan

    6. "All those hours on the computer weren't me doing homework. That was me finding out that queer people exist <3" —olliemichlee

    7. "That I am bisexual. And even though I married a man we have an open relationship and sleep with other couples."

    LGBTQIA flag and trans flag waving

    8. That their abstinence-only sex policy put them in some dangerous situations.

    "The first time I took a boyfriend into my room, I was over 18 and on the pill. My mom freaked out and made it clear that wasn’t to happen again. So instead of a safe, comfortable situation, she put me in unsafe, uncomfortable situations," one person replied.

    "Some of my boyfriends had tolerant parents or roommates. But some had parents like mine, and we ended up doing things at parties, in cars, parks, and even a municipal ice skating rink. Fortunately one of them was a city maintenance worker who showed me some of the turnouts they used where it was unlikely a police officer would notice. Luckily I chose my partners well and never got assaulted or arrested for public lewdness, but it was not thanks to my mother."


    Many people are choosing to keep things about their mental health to themselves.

    9. "I always struggled as a kid. I was super anxious and couldn't make friends, and in middle school and high school struggled academically and had terrible depression."

    child crying into their lap

    "Recently as an adult, I was diagnosed with Autism, and I will probably never tell my mom. It was absolutely not her fault that it went overlooked when I was a child - I didn't even meet the diagnostic criteria that doctors used back then."

    "But I know it will just make her feel even more guilty, always wondering if there was more that could have done for me. There wasn't, and she doesn't need to spend the remaining years of her life feeling bad and wondering 'what if.'"—canonicallyasexual

    10. "That I can’t mentally or physically stand to be around them anymore."

    young woman cautiously coming out from behind a door

    Some are hiding pretty typical early-life secrets.

    11. "The real reason I enjoyed the jacuzzi bath so much."

    jacuzzi bubbling

    12. "When I first went to O.U., I started my first ever semester by taking only two classes to test the waters. I ended up getting a D in the first class (which was History of the English Language) as my final grade."

    13. "I will never tell my parents that I almost got myself killed."

    "I was a stupid pre-teen and decided to do cartwheels on the road, and only stopped when a car almost crashed into me. Luckily, the driver stopped and came out to yell at me for being reckless. Honestly, I'm surprised they don't know to this day considering that the driver was my teacher at the time."


    14. "I spent my $1300 government Covid money on a tattoo" —im2pretty4math

    someone getting a tattoo on their leg

    15. "That I nearly burnt the house down when I was 16 and they'd gone on holiday."

    16. "The only time I got pulled over was in high school. I snuck out and turned my headlights off."

    police car with lights on

    17. "I spent my teen years skipping school, smoking pot and trying other drugs, hanging out in Gay bars, and driving around with my equally stoned and drunk friends. (It was the 70s.)"

    Others are hiding bigger life decisions.

    18. "I will never tell my mom I am atheist. Since I was 5 my family and I were part of a Pentecostal church. As I grew up in the church, I never fully believed all the things I was taught, but still I tried to pray and read scripture."

    person holding a hand up to reject religions

    19. "I smoke cigarettes on the daily."

    Think you've got them beat? Our ears are always open for more stories, drop 'em in the comments!