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    19 Reasons Your Nain Is The Best

    Welsh Mamgus are hilariously unique, but we love them for it.

    1. She always feeds you bread and jam.

    Aneira Davies / BuzzFeed

    As well as anything else she can find in her cupboards, because you obviously need feeding up.

    2. She has the best family recipes that she passes down to you.

    Flickr: lizard_queen / Creative Commons

    Including Welsh cakes, rice pudding, and bara brith. And yet you never seem to be able to recreate them like she does.

    3. She gives you Calennig money at New Year. / Creative Commons

    On Calennig, family members traditionally give each bread, cheese, or money. Amazing!

    4. And she sends you money in your birthday card, no matter how old you are.

    Frank Mayne / / Creative Commons

    5. She idolises Welsh celebrities and Pobol y Cwm is her favourite soap.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

    Which means that whenever you visit her, you end up watching S4C.

    6. She's unusually interested in finding out what a new boyfriend's parents do. Not the boyfriend, just his parents.

    7. She used to tell you old wives' tales to stop you biting your nails or sucking your thumb.

    Mine told me that if I sucked my thumb it would grow smaller and would be out of shape with the rest of my fingers. And, obviously, I believed her.

    8. She's always calling you up to ask how to do something on her computer / phone / iPad. / Via

    Similarly, Skyping, imessaging, and emailing are a mystery to her.

    9. She will stop and talk to anyone on the street.

    Flickr: jsome1 / Creative Commons

    She. Knows. Everyone.

    10. She always talks you up in front of your friends and family.

    And all those compliments are brilliant for your self-esteem.

    11. She speaks to you in Welsh if she can't understand what someone is saying in English.

    12. As soon as you get to her house, she sends you on random errands.

    The Hobbit / Via

    So instead of spending time with her when you visit, you end up going to the chemist, paying her bills, and buying bread.

    13. But you never leave without something.

    14. She butters slices of bread before cutting them.

    Flickr: stone-soup / Creative Commons

    The process involves standing the bread upright, buttering the top, and then slicing it into very thin pieces.

    15. And has no time for vegetarianism.

    16. Everyone who is distantly related to her is a cousin of some kind.

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    17. She displays photos of you, your siblings, and your cousins all over her house.

    18. She remembers all of your friends and always asks after them, even if she's never met them.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    19. But best of all, she always listens to your problems over a cup of tea.