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19 Reasons Your Nain Is The Best

Welsh Mamgus are hilariously unique, but we love them for it.

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7. She used to tell you old wives' tales to stop you biting your nails or sucking your thumb.

Mine told me that if I sucked my thumb it would grow smaller and would be out of shape with the rest of my fingers. And, obviously, I believed her.


13. But you never leave without something.

Usually food. Food is never wasted in Mamgu's house.

15. And has no time for vegetarianism.

17. She displays photos of you, your siblings, and your cousins all over her house.

And every picture of you guys in Welsh costume obviously gets framed.

19. But best of all, she always listens to your problems over a cup of tea.

Even if she does make you go out and get the milk first.