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    Silliest Trend Of The Holiday Season: Upside Down Christmas Tree

    Who is the fool who thought that it would be a good idea to invert a Christmas tree? Please identify yourself right now so that I can pine-needle you silly! I've heard that it's all the rage, and it's making front page news. Even The View talked about it. Honestly, I just don't get it. Look at it. Please. What's so good about a Christmas that appears to have had one cup too many of eggnogs and fallen off its stand? Nothing.

    That's just plain ugly.

    You can buy it everywhere!

    Of course, some fancy folks have the knack of making it anything look good, and that includes this trend but come on, how many of us are going to pull what the Claridges Hotel has done? Not too many.

    Upside down Christmas tree at @ClaridgesHotel from @KarlLagerfeld unveiled

    Let's talk about next year...