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    Is Your Love For Gaming Killing Your Eyes? The Dangers Of Blue Light And What You Can Do About It

    Blue Light and Computer Glasses. Latest Studies Demonstrate the Needs to Wear Them Daily –

    Computer Glasses: A Must-Wear not a Nice-to-Have

    How To Protect Your Eyes

    Of course, you could try to spend less time in front of your devices, or at the very least take regular breaks throughout your play or work sessions. There are a few eyewear brands and screen-protector companies offering eyes protective gear to counteract the negative effects of the blue light.

    The Scope Weekly reported that the University of Toronto conducted a blue light study that involved looking at two groups of people with and without goggles. It discovered that the melatonin levels of people exposed to bright indoor light who were wearing blue-light–blocking glasses to people exposed to regular dim light without wearing goggles were the same. It concluded that people who work at night under fluorescent lights or who read from digital devices would benefit from wearing protective eyewear. Two brands to check out are Prospek glasses Spektrum eyewear line and the Gunnar glasses. The Spektrum glasses are quite stylish and are very comfortable with their flex arms and could be worn all day, while Gunnar definitely have more of a "gamer" hardcore look that will please some.

    Spektrum Artic Propective Eyewear

    Gunnar Optiks


    The Prospek’s collection runs from $33.95 up to $55.95 and offers blue light blocking glasses for different needs, gender and age groups, even for kids. The 50% light filter glasses come in a clear lens while the 99% have a darker yellow lens in a wide variety of fashion styles. BleedCool said in its blog "Spektrum’s Prospek line are more fashion-forward than most of their competition, so are ideal for the more image-conscious gamer." There are various seasonal discounts that I located on the company Instagram account for 15%. I'd keep an eye for ongoing discounts.


    While Gunnar is running a sale this weekend on their all glasses, and you can find frames for as little as $25.00 USD.


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