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16 GIFs Anyone Trying To Get Their Life In Order Will Relate To On A Spiritual Level

The struggle is real.

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1. It looks a lot like this little girl trying to hula hoop.

2. And it looks JUST like Kevin spilling chili all over the office floor.

3. Falling down is a given.

4. But it's all about confidence really.

5. Sometimes life knocks you down on your ass.

6. But you just keep on keeping on.

7. It's a constant struggle.

8. But you have to get back on your feet, no matter what.

9. Life will hit back at you.

10. And it will keep hitting you over and over again.

11. You might feel tired too.

12. But you'll keep fighting.

13. You're a fighter.

14. You won't give up.

15. Never. Give. Up.

16. You aren't alone.

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