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    Posted on Jul 25, 2013

    35 Office Lessons "The Devil Wears Prada" Taught Us

    Survival lessons for your first office job. That's all.

    Have Gum Or Mints Nearby At All Times / Via Tumblr

    Never Ask Your Boss Anything / Via Tumblr

    You Can Mentally Cure Yourself From Any Illness / Via Tumblr

    A Helping Hand Is Welcomed During Difficult Situations / Via Tumblr

    Make Sure You Have Original Ideas

    Your Style Will Change

    Be Prepared For Back Stabbers

    The Weather Is Someone Else's Problem / Via Tumblr

    Enthusiasm Might Not Always Work / Via Tumblr

    Always Have A Clipboard Handy / Via Tumblr

    Fully Comprehend What Is Asked Of You / Via Tumblr

    Sometimes Office Small Talk Is Not Necessary / Via Tumblr

    Eye Rolls Are Appropriate During Work Related Events / Via Tumblr

    Sunglasses Are Essential To Show Power... / Via Tumblr

    And When Making A Point

    Pay Attention To Your Surroundings / Via Tumblr

    It's Ok To Use Google To Spell Check / Via Tumblr

    You Might Get A New Nickname

    You'll Learn Insider Information / Via Tumblr

    Never Laugh Unless Your Boss Does First / Via Tumblr

    People Will Judge What You Eat No Matter What / Via Tumblr

    Never Make Excuses / Via Tumblr / Via Tumblr

    Your Boss Will Let You Know When You Can Leave / Via Tumblr

    Don't Lollygag

    Learn To Fake Emotions

    Colleagues Will Alert You When It's Time To Panic / Via Tumblr

    The Boss' Favorite Word / Via Tumblr

    Your New Favorite Word / Via Tumblr

    What You'll Tell Yourself To Survive / Via Tumblr

    People Will Be Brutally Honest / Via tumblr

    Pay Attention To The Details / Via Tumblr

    You'll Learn Who You Can Talk Back To... / Via Tumblr

    And When You Can Smirk

    You'll Need An Office Bestie / Via tumblr

    First Impressions Are Important, But...

    The Positive Ones Make All The Difference...

    And In The End, Your Hard Work Pays Off

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