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18 Lessons Mean Girls Taught Us About Friendship

Because in reality, there was so much to learn from The Plastics

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1. Compliment your friends…

But don't overdo it

2. Make sure to watch their backs at all time…

Even if you have to insult someone else's

3. Spend holidays together

4. Share your secret skills

5. Learn that it's ok to talk with your mouth full with them..

And to eat whatever you want around them

6. Be honest with them...

Especially when they need to hear it

7. Compliment their significant others

8. Take trips together

9. Don't be afraid to ask for their help on tough life questions

10. Don't you dare try to lie to them

11. Make sure not to forget them on special occasions

12. Always question your rank among the group

13. Offer help when they need to vent

14. Always throw shade together

15. Show your gratitude for them...

Like all the time

16. Find common interests to build stronger bonds

See how happy you'll be

17. Any problem can always be solved with cake

18. And the most important lesson

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