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Lady Gaga Sitting Alone In The Background Of This Bathroom Selfie Is Amazing

I need answers!

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Joan Smalls took this photo yesterday at the Met Gala. It's a classic bathroom mirror selfie except they are all models and famous and rich.

It also features like, one trillion other women waiting to use the bathroom.

But never mind everyone waiting to pee or put some powder on their face. The most important part of this photo doesn't include them.

It includes only one person: Lady Gaga...

...sitting in the back, alone, minding her own business.

Wondering why the hell she is in this bathroom. How can she escape? And wondering WHY THE HELL NO ONE INVITED HER TO BE IN THE PIC. SHE'S LADY FUCKING GAGA.

We may never know the answer to those questions. But we will always have Lady Gaga in the background of this photo, doing literally nothing, and for that reason, being our hero.

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