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So Here's David Tennant And Michael Sheen As Crowley And Aziraphale From "Good Omens"

Neil Gaiman tweeted out the pic himself.

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Fans of the fantasy genre are more than likely familiar with the modern classic Good Omens, which is now being adapted into a TV series.

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The book follows an angel and a demon who are kinda not looking forward to the upcoming Rapture, so they decide to prevent it by trying to keep the Anti-Christ out of it entirely.

WELL. Neil Gaiman himself revealed David Tennant and Michael Sheen in costume as Crowley and Aziraphale, and they're pretty much perfect.

They are amazing. This is them in the opening scenes, 11 years ago, in St James's Park. David and Michael, demon &…

Anyway, Gaiman shared the photo with a note that this is from the opening scene, which takes place 11 years earlier than the rest of the story.

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So the costumes might be a little less intense for the rest of the series BUT I HOPE THEY AREN'T.