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    Twitter Noticed A Detail About Trader Joe's Product Names And I Can't Unsee It

    ♫ Mini beef tacos... ♫

    Before you read on, you're gonna need to know the tune to "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles, so here it is:

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    Got it? Good. Because there's been a very important, life-changing discovery...

    Graphic designer and actor Daniel Spenser Levine noticed something about Trader Joe's products...namely, that you can sing the names of them to the tune of the aforementioned "Eleanor Rigby."

    Not only does Trader Joe's have great prices, all of their merch fits into "Eleanor Rigby."

    Sing it with me! 🎵 Mini beef tacos 🎵

    Daniel Spenser

    Spenser Levine told BuzzFeed that he first noticed the phenomenon after hearing the song on the radio and matching it to celebrity names, like Allison Williams or Dylan McDermott.

    Ya boy is back with more Trader Joe’s products that fit into “Eleanor Rigby.”

    He told BuzzFeed:

    A little while back I heard the song on the radio and, instead of concentrating on what I was doing (driving a car over a gorge on two thin wooden planks), I started thinking about other names that could fit in place of Eleanor Rigby (Allison Williams, Dylan McDermott, Mackenzie Davis, etc.) and soon it devolved into any word/phrase that was five syllables... I got bored at Trader Joe's and remembered that the nation's deep thirst for content aligned with my desperate need for attention so I started taking pictures of all the five-syllable product names and people were into it.

    "The trick is to sing the song in your head, constantly, ignoring everything around you," he added.

    "It's like a reverse spider-sense where you only notice unimportant things and you do not have big spider muscles," he joked, adding that he hopes his tweets can at least get him some free limes from Trader Joe's.

    Others have noticed the phenomenon during their grocery shopping as well.

    @DanSpenser @joshgondelman @IngridKarin Omg can’t ever unsee it.

    Just how many five-syllable TJ's products are there?

    🎵 Ah, look at all the yummy cookies! 🎵

    @DanSpenser @ftrain Such delicious cookies Where do they all come from?

    Anyway, good luck going to Trader Joe's now without this song in your head.

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