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Sorry In Advance, Because These Facts Will Put You In An Existential Crisis

Welp, I'm insignificant.

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1. First off, you're just one of a LOT of people. For example, the US is the 3rd most-populous country in the world, but it would have to gain more than a BILLION people to become #1.

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According to the CIA, the population of the US in 2017 is a little over 325 billion people. That's over 950 million fewer than India (about 1.282 billion) and over 1.05 billion fewer than China (about 1.379 billion)

3. And if you count anyone that's ever lived, our history is vast. Humans have been around for about 200,000 years, but our written history only goes back about 5,000–6,000 years.

Swisshippo / Getty Images

That means that about 97% of human history is completely unrecorded.


6. Even though the moon is really frickin' far away (384,400 km on average), you can fit every planet in the solar system between the Earth and the moon.

The added diameters of Mercury (4879 km), Venus (12,104 km), Mars (6771 km), Jupiter (138,350 km), Saturn (114,630 km), Uranus (50,532 km), and Neptune (49,105 km) are just a little over 380,000 km.