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21 Posts About Watching TV That Will Make You Say "Same"

*Watches Netflix* *Looks out window* *The sun has burned out and all life on Earth is extinct* *Continues watching Netflix*

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1. When you're always ahead of everyone on shows but you don't want to spoil anything.

2. When you're just like, "Eh, who needs sleep anyway?"

3. When you try to act like you weren't bingeing for hours.

4. And when you do, you feel like you've been trapped in a bunker for years when you finally stop.

5. Because let's face it: You're not going to let a dumb little thing like time get in the way of your shows.

6. Or responsibilities.

7. You've spent a lot of time with that Netflix profile pic.

8. When the length of an episode (or season) means nothing to you.

9. You know all too well how to interpret a "previously on" sequence.

10. And you've asked friends this question many times.

11. You constantly question why Netflix has minute-long opening credits in EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.

12. This is a serious struggle sometimes, too.

13. You always try to avoid spoilers, but you tell yourself this when you do see one.

14. God forbid you ever run out of available episodes to binge.

15. Because then you have to wait for episodes, and what if one is bad?

16. And if it's an American show, there are always breaks for Armadillo Day.

17. But when they come back, it's a glorious day indeed.

18. You've watched so much TV that you're always poking holes in a show's logic.

19. Especially in reality shows.

20. Sometimes you're alone in your struggles, but that's OK.

21. You know who your real bros are (hint: they're fictional).

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