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21 Times Tumblr Explained Science With Hilarious Results

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, duh.

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1. When they explained terraforming:

2. When they explained the fundamental building blocks of the universe:

3. When they doled out some fun facts:

4. When they explained deer sizing:


5. When they explained internet trolls:

6. When they verified their existence:

7. And again:

8. When they explained the drummer phenomenon:

9. When they explained why ocean water isn't potable:

10. When they explained this:

11. When a goosologist stepped in:

12. When they gave some history lessons on color:

13. When they were very knowledgeable about bubbles:

14. When they were very helpful:

15. When they predicted the future:

16. When they gave medical advice:

17. When they showed exactly how the dinosaurs went extinct:

18. When they explained organic chemistry:

19. When they explained nitrogen in the morning:

20. When they maybe saved someone's life:

21. And finally, when they put someone in the burn ward:

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