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19 Things That'll Make You Say "Holy Shit" For One Reason Or Another

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

1. Thirsty?

2. Don't think about this one too hard.

3. Oh, and also your skeleton is wet.

4. You might need to read this twice.

5. Jesus was born about 80 mothers ago.

6. This explains a lot about Wonka, honestly.

7. This is definitely what the scare/laugh floor looks like now.

8. WHAT.

9. *Starts counting*

10. ...........It's true.

11. Life could be like a video game 24/7.

12. Adorable and accurate.

13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Bet you never realized there was a murder on these M&M bags.

15. MY EYES.

16. Did you know we have words for the day after tomorrow and the day before yesterday?

17. This is actually completely true.

18. Oh my god.

19. I'll leave you with this: Part of America is a Kentucky Fried Chicken chef.

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