14 Grown-Up Jokes Cleverly Hidden In Disney Movies

    The jokes weren't always for kids.

    1. When Ratatouille dropped this subtle joke.

    2. And Hercules dropped this one.

    3. You'd have to be pretty brushed up on your Greek literature to get this one.

    4. Hercules was hella smart, tbh.

    5. There's this clever little line from Hocus Pocus:

    6. And Buzz Lightyear's reaction to Jessie makes more sense as an adult.

    7. You might not have understood this deleted scene if you were a kid the first time you saw The Incredibles.

    8. And chances are you didn't fully understand this joke from the Aladdin sequel, either.

    9. There's that time that Kronk "pitched a tent" in The Emperor's New Groove:

    10. And when Cars clearly had a sign for a topless bar.

    11. There's this little aside to Pongo:

    12. And this subtle fellatio joke in Toy Story 3.

    13. You probably chuckled at this gag in Frozen, even if your kids didn't.

    14. And finally, this ever-so-quick glance down in Ratatouille.