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    17 Photos That Will Make You Say, "Yep, That's Me With My Friends"

    You know they're a real friend when you can be a dick to them.

    1. Shopping with your friends is always entertaining:

    2. Even though sometimes you run out of new things to say:

    3. Your friends are always there to talk you off the proverbial ledge:

    4. But they never believe you when this happens:

    5. You'd pretty much do anything to defend them:

    6. This moment always makes you proud:

    7. But sometimes you try to share something you like and it doesn't go well:

    8. Whenever you have a sleepover, they always start this shit:

    9. But you torment them with random-ass texts, so it's fair:

    10. And when it comes to selfies, you're nothing but supportive:

    11. Even though sometimes you're not 100% available:

    12. You give each other great advice:

    13. Although, come to think of it, sometimes you have TERRIBLE ideas:

    14. You're too possessive for this "I married my best friend" crap:

    15. And even though sometimes you don't want to go out:

    16. (Especially because you're the one who always ends up dealing with crap like this):

    17. You're always there for your friends (just in case you get this opportunity):