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"Always Date Your Spouse," And 20 Other Wholesome Bits Of Life Advice People Shared This Week

Literally about to cross-stitch all of these and hang them in my house.

Recently, redditor u/prolific_ideas posted a simple meme to the r/MadeMeSmile community. The image was just text on a white background, asking people for their best advice:

Sixteen thousand comments later(!!), the thread is full of little gems that range from sentimental to practical, with a few of them even being a little tongue-in-cheek. Here are some of the best suggestions for people to apply to their lives:

1. "When you finish something complicated or pick up a concept from a skill you are learning, take a moment to be proud of yourself. You don't have anything to prove to anyone. But it feels good to take a sec to enjoy the accomplishment."


2. "Always date your spouse."


3. "If it bothers you for more than 24 hours, speak up within 48."


4. "I heard somewhere that if you get a case of the cringes brought on by some random embarrassing memory, just remember that if you need to go back in history to be embarrassed by something, you must be doing pretty well today."


5. "Being able to admit you were wrong or made a mistake is respectable."


6. "Don’t take criticism from people you’d never go to for advice."


7. "You spend half your life walking and sleeping. Never buy cheap shoes or a shitty mattress."

8. "Always take the time to say 'I love you,' and remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed."


9. "When getting a new apartment, test both the heat and the AC. You don't think to check your heater when it's 105 degrees outside on the day you tour the apartment. We never tested our heater. First freeze of the year and our heater is broken. Two weeks for a replacement. If anyone is apartment hunting, that's my nugget of wisdom."


10. "We can always start again."


11. "If you want a raise, ask what you need to do to earn it. Accomplish those things and ask for the raise. If you get the raise, stay. If you don’t, begin looking for another job. Don’t play games with people who move your goal posts."


12. "Read to your kids. Every. Single. Day. From 1 day old until they graduate from high school."


"It goes from reading TO your kids to reading WITH your kids to discussing books with them. I’ve read a lot of young adult fiction since they became teenagers, and we have a great time talking about books."



13. "Take care of your teeth."


14. "Therapy is valuable, and it's something everyone needs."


15. "If your employer offers a 401(k) match, take it."


16. "'No' is a complete sentence."



17. "Be kind; everyone’s putting up a hard fight."


18. "Put your keys in the same place every time you come home."


19. "Let things be magic. Life is more fun that way."

20. "No one notices that zit or that one hair the way you do. You look good, homie."


21. And finally: "Don’t take advice from strangers on the internet."


Do you have a piece of advice that you think everyone should know? Tell us about it in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.