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So, This "Home Alone" Fan Theory Says That Kevin's Mom Is Definitely Going To Hell

Hey, did you know that Satan himself is in Home Alone?

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You may remember a scene in which Kevin's mother, Kate McCallister (played by Catherine O'Hara), argues with an airline employee.

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All the flights are delayed or canceled, but she needs to get HOME to her SON.


Think about it...Gus is a traveling musician (we know the devil likes fiddle competitions), and he's the "polka king of Chicago." Can you think of a better way to torture people for all eternity than to play polka songs on a never-ending loop?

20th Century Fox

He specifically waits to intervene until Kate offers, out loud, to sell her soul. He even has a visible reaction to her line, which you can see in the clip.



John Candy and Kate McCallister's names were misspelled in an earlier version of this post.