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    17 Tumblr Posts About Movies That Are Honestly Pretty Funny

    "The most unrealistic thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is that his headphones still worked after 26 years."

    1. This "heavy" pun.

    2. This Beauty and the Beast theory.

    3. This thing that almost definitely happens.

    4. This suspension of disbelief.

    5. This journey into Bee Movie.

    6. This perfect twist ending.

    7. This very surprising report.

    8. This summary of every damn horror movie.

    9. This very important question.

    10. This epiphany.

    11. This pun.

    12. This joke that is weirdly accurate.

    13. This speech that's in every action movie.

    14. This two-movie joke.

    15. This proof that Ratatouille is completely bonkers.

    16. This very accurate re-write.

    17. And this chart that proves there's only one truly great movie in the world.

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