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What's The Single Best Moment In "Hamilton"?

We're gonna do this democratically.

If you have Disney+, I have to assume that you've watched Hamilton by now.

And if you're a big Hamilton fan, you've probably also listened to the soundtrack like 100 times.

So I want to ask you — a Hamilton expert — one question: What's the single best part of the show? Maybe you love Lafayette's rap in "Guns and Ships":

Daveed Diggs as Lafayette rapping during "Guns and Ships"

Maybe there's an entire song that you think is the best part, like "Wait for It":

Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr singing "Wait for It"

Maybe there's a piece of choreography that always stands out to you, like this letter delivery from Carleigh Bettiol during "Your Obedient Servant":

Carleigh Bettiol dancing as part of the ensemble

So, what's the BEST moment from Hamilton? Tell us in the comments, but also be sure to like/heart other comments that you agree with!

I'm going to look through the comments and RANK the responses based on how many likes/hearts they have (or based on how many people comment about the same thing)! So by the end of this, we should have a clear, number one best moment of the show, as decided by the BuzzFeed Community. Of course, this means that your submissions may be used in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!