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What's The Single Scariest Movie Scene From A Horror Or Non-Horror Movie?

From horror or non-horror movies!

Have you ever watched a scene from a movie that was so scary, it stuck with you for life?

Compass International

Maybe a scene from a horror movie classic like Psycho freaks you out, like the shower scene.

The stabbing shower scene in "Psycho"

Maybe your choice is less scary and more disturbing or shocking, like the "rewind" scene in Funny Games.

Paul yelling "Where's the remote control?" in "Funny Games"
Warner Independent

Or maybe your choice isn't from an actual horror movie! For example, the "ghost" scene in Parasite scared the bejeezus out of me, even though the rest of the movie wasn't traditionally "scary."

Geun Sae coming up the dark stairs in "Parasite"
CJ Entertainment

So tell me your all-time scariest movie scenes! I want to know which specific scene terrified you, from a horror or non-horror movie. Be sure to tell me WHY it was so scary to you, because it's not like I need to sleep at night anyway. Your answer may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!