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Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Only A Few People Can See All The Images In This Eye Test

What's in the circle?! Hint: There's more than just one thing.

There are hidden images inside this red circle. Can you see them?

Andy Neuenschwander / BuzzFeed

Clean off that ol' monitor screen and take a good look.

If you have ~pretty good~ vision, you probably saw this:

Andy Neuenschwander / BuzzFeed

If you have REALLY good vision, you probably also noticed this detail:

Andy Neuenschwander / BuzzFeed

But probably only a few of you caught all three details, which means your vision is AMAZING!

Andy Neuenschwander / BuzzFeed

Seriously, like you must be superhuman or something.

  1. So, how many of the details did you see?
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So, how many of the details did you see?
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    Just one.
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    I saw two!
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    I saw all three!
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    I saw nothing.
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    I saw nothing, I still see nothing, and I think you're lying.

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