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    17 Mailboxes That Are Ugly As Heck But Still Pretty Well Executed

    The poor mail carriers who have to see these mailboxes every day.

    1. The fingers are disturbing enough, but the cigarette mailbox is the coup de grâce:

    Mailboxes amirite? from ATBGE

    2. Like, I get that this is a chiropractor's office, but...still, please don't:

    So we doing mailboxes now? from ATBGE

    3. Flashy:

    Fabulous fishy mailbox from ATBGE

    4. This one forces you to shove the mail up a cyclist's ass:

    This mailbox from ATBGE

    5. There are people who like cars, and then there's this person:

    Since there seems to be a mailbox theme going.... from ATBGE

    6. That is most definitely an actual microwave, so I hope that is not a functional plug:

    This (possibly functioning?!) Microwace-mailbox from ATBGE

    7. This piece of fine art is part alligator, part pirate, part vampire, AND part mailbox all at once:

    Alligator man mailbox from ATBGE

    8. I don't know why anyone would do this to their poor mail carrier:

    Step 1: Cut a hole in the mailbox from ATBGE

    9. In a pinch, a mannequin from Target's swim section can replace a wooden post:

    This Mailbox from ATBGE

    10. You've seen fish-themed mailboxes already, but this one's different. The fish are dead, see:

    Dead fish mailbox I saw at a nursery from ATBGE

    11. I'm gonna assume this is in Florida:

    Pirate lady mailbox. from ATBGE

    12. I'm gonna assume this is ALSO in Florida:

    New mailbox in my neighborhood from ATBGE

    13. I am literally praying that this is only up during Halloween season:

    Eyeball Mailbox from ATBGE

    14. Here's one shaped like a gun, because that isn't unnerving at all:

    This mailbox from ATBGE

    15. What's that? You thought the gun on the last one was too small? Well here you go:

    This mailbox from ATBGE

    16. This is really well done, but that doesn't make it any less disturbing:

    This mailbox from ATBGE

    17. In summation, everyone please stop with this stuff:

    Since we’re doing mailboxes... from ATBGE

    H/T to r/ATBGE

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