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Very Important Question: Are Sex Dolls Alive In The "Toy Story" Universe?

You guys, we need to talk.

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OK, so we're all familiar with the Toy Story movie, wherein toys are sentient and have their own lives when their owners are away.


But one Redditor raised a very important question: What about sex dolls?

As the Reddit discussion pointed out, even Christmas ornaments are alive in Toy Story, and certainly sex dolls are just as toy-like as those.


On the other hand, other objects that are clearly toys (like a Super Nintendo or wooden toy blocks) are not sentient.


And if a sex doll is a living toy, what about vibrators and other sex toys? Are they alive? Or is being vaguely humanoid a requirement?

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Seriously, what are the rules here?? Because Hamm is a frickin' piggy bank, which is more of a financial tool than a toy.


Let's say sex dolls are alive. So, do they also want to be played with like other toys? Or is their very existence a waking nightmare?


So, sex dolls: Are they alive in Toy Story or not?