27 Unrealistic Things That Happen In Action Movies Just For The Sake Of The Plot

    "Fancy door won't open? Shoot the control panel! Door won't close? Shoot the control panel!"

    Most movies rely on tropes that are pretty unrealistic when you compare them to real life, but are convenient for the plot. Like when someone works a minimum wage job but can afford a three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

    Action movies do this a lot, so when Redditor jay_rode posed the question, "What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?" to r/AskReddit, we knew there would be some good action movie-specific responses.

    Here are some of the best ones:

    1. Heroes never reloading their weapons, or when they do, they just drop the magazine and go. Those things aren't cheap!


    2. Blows to the head knocking someone out for exactly as long as is convenient for the plot with no long-term consequences whatsoever. Even otherwise "realistic" shows and movies are guilty of this. In reality, any blow to the head strong enough to knock you out is likely to cause brain damage or even death.


    3. Guns that magically do whatever you need them to at that moment. Fancy door won't open? Shoot the door's control panel. Door won't close? Shoot the control panel. Need to stop a countdown? Shoot it until it stops. Need to make a crane drop something but don't know how to operate it? Do you have a gun?


    4. Horses neighing. ALL. THE. TIME. You can clearly see they are not, they have no reason to, and yet...they keep on neighing.


    5. How defibrillators are used to restart a person's heart. THEY DON'T! They only help to re-establish a regular heartbeat.


    6. Whenever a sword is pulled out, it makes that sound.


    7. Guns that click and clack whenever they’re moved.


    8. When they've shot their gun so much that (despite it being a movie) they run out of ammo...and they just throw the gun away. No more use for gun. Ever.


    9. In heist movies, they always have a guy open a velvet pouch and pour a few dozen diamonds onto a table. No one would ever carry diamonds like that. They'd scratch the hell out of each other. Plus, each individual stone is graded, certified, and carefully tracked — not just tossed willy-nilly into a bag.


    10. Suppressors on a gun. They do make the gun quieter but only to the point where you just barely don't need hearing protection on.


    11. My dad works in the HVAC field, and it always amuses him to see scenes of people crawling through ductwork. Like, first of all, there's no way that would hold a full-grown man. That much weight would just rip the brackets out of the wall. Second, there's all kinds of screws and bolts sticking up everywhere inside ductwork. And a lot of buildings run wires through them, too.


    12. When there are two armies marching toward each other in formation but as soon as the battle starts, it all breaks up into thousands of one-on-one melee duels completely ignoring the importance of unit cohesion, discipline, training, and morale.


    13. Turning on the TV and what they needed to hear is said on the right channel at the right time.


    14. Not lying when they have a gun to their head in an interrogation scene. It’s always tell the truth or say nothing.


    15. People drinking vast amounts of alcohol, then appearing perfectly fine in the next scene. Look at Raiders of the Lost Ark. Marion out-drinks a person who's twice her size. Okay fine. But then she goes on cleaning the bar and helping Indy in a firefight without any sign of being impaired.


    16. I really want to see someone just roll their ankle in an action movie. Minor injuries happen SO often IRL but nobody in movies ever jumps off a roof and just kinda lands weird. People are either totally fine or have life-threatening injuries.


    17. Women shipwrecked or in apocalypse movies wearing sleeveless tops and not having underarm hair.


    18. Grip strength. People hanging off of anything — one-handed — for long times, or holding on to other people, or even pulling themselves up. The general population can't do a pull up.


    19. People with long hair (often women) fighting with their hair down.


    20. When people slice the palm of their hand open for a drop of blood. That shit will take FOREVER to heal, just prick your finger!


    21. People who yank out their IVs. I tugged on mine once and I fucking cried.


    22. "I need information from this computer." Tech person runs over and starts hammering wildly on the keyboard, "I'm in!" The keyboard is plugged into a Xbox, and the OS is Windows 2000.


    23. Gunshot to the leg and they can still walk. One to the lungs and they’re breathing fine. One in the heart and they either die instantly or spend a whole minute talking. You've got 10 to 20 seconds, not 6 minutes.


    24. A complete lack of legal consequences. "I need to kill the time-traveling baddie by stealing this cop's gun and knocking him out. Yay, I succeeded! What do you mean I am now under arrest for multiple felonies including murder and assaulting a police officer?"


    25. Finding car keys "hidden" behind a car's sun visor. I don't know a single real human who has ever used this method when stashing keys.


    26. When some stranger comforts or distracts a kid from something horrible with some bullshit. The kid just saw their mom get eaten by a werewolf. A toy train and the hero hugging them does nothing.


    27. The car flips over five times and catches on fire and every single fucking time, Vin Diesel walks out unscathed.


    Is there a movie trope — in action movies or otherwise — that drives you nuts? Let us know in the comments and we might feature your movie pet peeve in a future BuzzFeed post or video!