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    15 Times People Saw Sexist Crap And Said "Nuh Uh, Not Today"

    The best Tumblr posts are ones that righteously dunk on misogyny.

    1. This response to extremely inappropriate personal prying:

    2. This pity party:

    3. This bit of dialogue:

    4. This post about...sharks?

    5. This posting for an accounting position:

    A cat-caller just said he wants to get "all up in my business" which is great because my taxes are complicated and I could use the help.

    6. This very accurate sum-up:

    A tumblr post saying how men eat aggressively in ads while women always look like they're having orgasms

    7. This sudden realization:

    I do feel bad for men with all the witch hunt stuff going on. Imagine being unsure if you could trust members of the opposite sex and worrying that anything you do could be misconstrued as sexual and second guessing your own complicity in OH FUCK WAIT YOU GUYS.

    8. This middle finger to cosmetics slogans:

    Maybe she's born with it. Maybe she's trapped in a societal prison of impossible beauty standards.

    9. This surprise attack:

    10. This ultimate "friendzoning":

    11. This very valid point:

    12. This little reminder:

    A tumblr post where a user tries to compare women to cats and another user responds "human women are like people actually"

    13. This one-frame horror comic:

    14. This tale as old as time:

    15. And finally, some examples of male writers who should've taken a back seat:

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