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    20 Times Americans Were Confusing To The Rest Of The World

    American culture is a billboard for Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow right next to a billboard that says, "Jesus is Lord."

    1. When everyone had to tell Americans that they were the weird ones.

    2. When a non-American was like, "Damn, lotta cities you got there."

    3. When Americans tried to defend the imperial system.

    4. When America's welcome sign was a tad extra.

    5. When one exchange student learned how passionate Americans are about Bill Nye.

    6. When everyone outside of America was like, "Are you guys OK?" And we were like, "Not really."

    7. When an American explained TV air times.

    8. When someone in the UK forgot how big America is.

    9. When Americans admitted that the school months should probably change.

    10. When America was ~violently~ American.

    11. When there was a disagreement about what biscuits and gravy are.

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    12. When Americans could at least agree with the world on one thing.

    13. When the whole grey vs. gray thing got cleared up...sorta.

    14. When Americans opened an old wound.

    15. When Brits and Americans learned about "quite."

    16. When Americans revealed what their keyboards look like.

    17. When a Brit tried milk chocolate and was bitterly disappointed (pun intended).

    18. When American culture was clear as day.

    19. When Americans' tea habits nearly gave a British woman a heart attack.

    20. And finally, when the only country more confusing than America was France.

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