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    Tumblr Thinks Tom Holland Is Hiding A Frog In His Mouth And He Responded On Instagram

    "I can confirm that the rumours are true."

    This is Tom Holland; you might recognize him as the new Spider-Man.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    He is generally much beloved on Tumblr, but one user noticed something about him:

    Namely, that he sorta looks like he's hiding a frog in his mouth?

    Sony Pictures / Marvel

    That became a meme, obviously.

    People even named the frog.

    But before you start feeling bad for Tom, don't worry! He reacted to the meme on Instagram and he loves it.

    Tom Holland / Via

    Tom said it was "hilarious" and that he "can confirm that the rumours are true."

    We look forward to many more movies starring Tom and Dave.

    Sony Pictures / Marvel

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