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    Tom Felton (Draco) Got Sorted As A Hufflepuff And He's Not Thrilled

    I'm betting his father will hear about this.

    If you don't follow Tom Felton — aka Draco Malfoy — on Instagram, you totally should. He's funny and artsy and has a very cute dog.

    Anyway, it looks like Tom recently signed up at the official Wizarding World website (formerly known as Pottermore), and he was in for a surprise when he got sorted into his House.

    When you sign up for the new site, of course you get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts Houses. So Tom posted his results...

    ...and he's...a Hufflepuff?

    First off, Evanna Lynch, aka Luna Lovegood, noticed that Tom made his passport name "Draco Malfoy," which is cute as heck:

    But sadly (and maybe because of the Draco thing), Tom didn't seem too happy about his Hufflepuff result, calling it "a sad day":

    But honestly, he should have seen this coming! I mean, Tom posts goofy videos like this one of him trying a "teapot challenge," which is a VERY Hufflepuff thing to do:

    He's very into photography, which feels super on-brand for a Hufflepuff:

    He makes homemade soup (and wears Potter-themed oven mitts), which is just SO Hufflepuff:

    And it seems like he's always down for a little reunion among friends:

    So maybe Tom just needs to learn to love and accept his inner Hufflepuff. It's kinda the best House anyway.

    Tom signed up as part of #HarryPotterAtHome, wherein the Wizarding World is providing fun activities and chapters read by Potter stars and other famous actors. You can check it out on the Wizarding World site!