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19 Times Tumblr Had Hilariously Perfect Timing

Sometimes two Tumblr posts line up juuuuust right.

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1. When Harry Potter was very interested in the post above him.

2. When this guy's point was proven just one post later.

3. When Voldemort was very flattered by the post before his.

4. When the stolen pony showed up in the very next post.

5. When Holes took on a whole new meaning.

6. When Kobe wore some fashionable wedges.

7. When these two had to have been in the same math class.

8. When the second post totally burned the first one.

9. When this post got an accidental response.

10. When this lizard showed up at just the right time.

11. When The Lion King got real.

12. When this attempt at a romantic double-post got cockblocked.

13. When Stanley got labeled.

14. When Daniel Radcliffe and this owl had a moment.

15. When Rick Astley was right there to respond to this post.

16. When Kim and Kanye were very amused.

17. When Napoleon Dynamite had something to say about your emo post.

18. When an important question got answered.

19. And when someone tried to guess the post below them, but Michael Scott jumped in.

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