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16 Times Celebrities Got Roasted So, So Bad

No matter how famous you are, somebody on the internet will roast you.

1. This Vin Diesel burn:

As A fAMilY from rareinsults

2. These thoughts on Ellen that somehow make sense:

@crustymilkflaps I feel like her soul is khaki colored. I don’t know why but I do

Twitter: @hells_cars

3. This apt description of Piers Morgan:

Piers Morgan is the human equivalent of an overdraft fee.

Twitter: @MajorPhilebrity

4. This jab at Vanilla Ice's crowd size:

He is going to need some ice , ice baby for that burn . from rareinsults

5. This description of the Olsen twins that isn't even an insult, TBH:

The Olsen twins look like one of them knows how you die and the other knows when you die.

Twitter: @lezjc

6. This takedown of a young Bob Odenkirk:

Better call Saul for this one from rareinsults

7. This dig at Mark Wahlberg's mustache:

Looks like he about to yell out he needs more pictures of Spider-Man then start singing I want to break free

Twitter: @bosslogic

8. This quick way to describe Tom Holland with his head shaved:

I can see that from rareinsults

9. This truth about Mark Ruffalo:

Mark Ruffalo sounds like the name a dog would give if he was pretending to be a man.

Twitter: @elle91

10. This roast of Jimmy Kimmel:

Sick Day from Work from rareinsults

11. This YouTube comment on Elon Musk's dance moves:

One of the most amazing millionaires alive rn from rareinsults

12. This creative response to Kim Kardashian West's mid-pandemic vacay:

@KimKardashian Happy birthday. I hope someone got you an alphabet book as a gift, so you can learn to read the room. ✨

Twitter: @kelechnekoff

13. This accurate observation about an early Green Day music video:

punk bands sure do love to walk from rareinsults

14. This dig at Pedro Pascal, which is ONLY acceptable because of the simultaneous compliment:

The Duality of Man from rareinsults

15. This Jake Paul poll:

One cent > Jake Paul from rareinsults

16. And finally, this trio of Jimmy Fallon insults:

3 Insults In 1 Package. from rareinsults

H/T to r/RareInsults

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