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    62 Thoughts I Had Watching "House Of The Dragon" Episode 6, Including "Go Back To BED"

    Rhaenyra, get your butt back in bed RIGHT NOW.

    1. Time jump!

    2. I'm gonna miss Milly and Emily; they were both great.

    3. Whoever did the sound effects during Rhaenyra's birthing scene here was doing the most.

    4. I'm half expecting to see a [wet squelching] if I turn on the captions.

    5. Whatever reason Alicent has for wanting to see this baby, it can't be good.

    6. Rhaenyra is going to take him up to her??

    7. Rhaenyra, GET your BUTT back in bed right now!!

    8. This is a horror show.

    9. Oh god, the afterbirth.

    10. She's going up the STAIRS?!

    11. Ugh, Ser Criston.

    12. The way poor Laenor has to walk past this guy probably every fucking day.

    Alicent telling Rhaenyra she should be resting with fake dialogue of Rhaenyra saying "yeah no shit" and Laenor saying "excellent restraint"

    13. VISERYS!

    14. I can't believe he made it 10 years.

    15. I mean, he looks like he's barely hanging in there, but he's alive.

    16. I guess I should've seen that coming, since everyone's still calling Rhae "princess."

    17. Laenor naming him Joffrey 😭 .

    18. "Sooner or later, you may get one who looks like you." WOW, Alicent.

    19. I mean, thank goodness the only reason she wanted to see the baby was to confirm that Rhaenyra is still banging Harwin, but she could have been less of a dick about it.

    20. It's very telling about the Game of Thrones–verse that I'm like, Thank goodness she isn't killing babies.

    21. Oh god, the TRAIL OF BLOOD.

    22. This opening was absolutely brutal. and Rhaenyra is a badass.

    23. Can we talk about how much Olivia Cooke looks like Emily Carey, though??

    24. I mean, that is absolutely spot-on casting.

    25. Ooh, a sexy, intimate offered arm from Ser Harwin.

    26. Baby dragon!

    27. Why is it so dark in the Dragonpit? Do dragons not like sunlight?

    28. Oh, I can already tell we're gonna hate Aegon.

    29. "Can I say it?" That would absolutely be me with a dragon.

    30. They went to so much effort for this dumb pig prank.

    31. Listen, kid, I would not go down into the actual dragon pit of the Dragonpit.

    32. See? Bad idea.

    33. I love little Helaena's obsession with bugs.

    34. I get what Alicent is saying here, but debatably, would it be worse if Rhae had one kid who looked like Laenor and the rest looked like Harwin?

    Viserys saying how the stallion was as silver as the moon on a winter night, and the foal was an "unremarkable" chestnut brown, and Alicent's fake response, "Did you watch them fucking?"

    35. Oh, great, so Alicent and Criston have their own little gossip group now.

    36. Good lord, Criston, it's been 10 years! She dumped you — move on.

    37. Alicent is disturbingly undisturbed by catching her son jerking off in a window. Must be a regular occurrence.

    38. Good LORD, Laena's dragon is huge!

    39. Daemon's sarcasm remains unmatched.

    40. At least he seems to treat his daughters reasonably well.

    41. I am exactly 0% surprised that Criston is intentionally cruel to children. 

    42. Also, is there no explanation of what happened after he beat Joffrey to death? Alicent just made it all go away? I guess she's queen and could do that, but you'd think there would be SOME sort of punishment.


    44. That's why they call him Breakbones!

    45. Annoying of Rhaenyra to be laying into Laenor like this, honestly, like...girl, you SUGGESTED this arrangement.

    46. LOL at Viserys's reaction to hearing "the Stepstones."

    Viserys in the small council meeting, but Gabe from The Office's face is over his and there's fake dialogue saying shut up about the Stepstones

    47. Honestly, Rhaenyra's marriage suggestion isn't a bad compromise. If I were Alicent, it would at least ease my fears about my sons being killed.

    48. Gotta do some quick incest math if Alicent is Rhaenyra's stepmother, then Alicent's kids are Rhae's half-siblings, but all the kids have the same grandfather, so Rhaenyra's son would be marrying his...step-aunt? Half aunt?

    49. I'm too confused to figure out what we would call it, but by Targaryen incest standards, it's not too bad.

    50. Lyonel trying to be like, "Get me the fuck out of here" LOL.

    51. Smartest thing he's done. It's only a matter of time before something bad happens to his son.

    52. Larys the Varys is still hanging around, I see.

    53. Oh lord, what is he going to do with these criminals? This can't be good.

    54. And obviously, anything that requires the cutting out of tongues is EXTRA not good.

    55. I'm starting to feel the same about birthing scenes on this show as I do about weddings.

    56. Once again, at least Daemon refuses to cut the baby out. He's a bastard and a half, but he has his limits.

    57. Poor Laena, and her poor dragon, too.

    58. Oh no. Ser Harwin!

    59. Oh, that is HORRIBLE.

    60. Especially fucked up considering how King Harren and his family were all basically cooked alive in that castle by dragon fire.

    61. Okay, Larys is definitely not like Varys. He's at least Littlefinger level of evil. Chilling!

    62. Congratulations, all you weird Rhaenyra-Daemon shippers. They're both single now. Are you happy?