43 Thoughts I Had Watching "House Of The Dragon" Episode 4, Including "EWWW"

    It was only a matter of time before we got to THIS point.

    1. So the preview reminded us of Daemon giving Rhaenyra that necklace, and the opening shot is her wearing it. How much you wanna bet Daemon is coming back to King's Landing?

    2. "Aww, she's wearing her uncle's gift for her, how sweet," says the person who has no idea what goes on in the Targaryen family.

    3. LOL at this small boy presenting himself as a suitor. Whoever this actor is, he's killing it.

    4. Speaking of killing, go, small boy! Get that bully!

    5. Yep, there's Daemon! Called it.

    6. Vissy's got his crown AND his sword; that's how you know it's a Serious Court Meeting.

    7. Okay, Daemon showing up with a fresh cut!

    8. And he bent the knee. Thank goodness.

    9. Honestly, Rhaenyra is kind of a bad friend. That "squeeze out heirs" comment!

    10. Shoutout to Braavos. Wonder if we'll see much of the Free Cities in this series?

    11. Wait, is Rhaenyra about to pull a Princess Jasmine?

    12. And did Daemon just basically give her a Marauder's Map?

    13. Yes and yes.

    Rhaenyra looking at a map with caption, "Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prings"

    14. A whole new worrrrrld...

    15. Damn, King's Landing at night is LIT.

    16. We got fire breathers, tightrope walkers, creepy fortune tellers, you name it!

    17. We even have pantomime plays that conveniently reflect the main character's inner turmoil!

    18. I do love Rhaenyra for trying to start some boos in the crowd, though, LOL.

    19. How weird would it be to have to send a messenger to your spouse telling them you want to bang?

    20. Sooooo...Daemon brought her to a brothel.

    21. Oh no, don't tell me...

    22. Not Targaryen incest time.

    23. Yep, it's Targaryen incest time. EWW.

    24. That stopped blessedly early.

    25. Okay, now, Rhaenyra and Ser Criston — that I can get behind!

    26. Metaphorically get behind, I mean.

    Rhaenyra and Ser Criston looking at each other with the caption "this is by far the weirdest way anyone's ever flirted with me"

    27. Good job, Rhaenyra! Bang the hot knight who's not your uncle!

    28. Oh noooo, Otto has a network of little birds, Varys-style!

    29. Wait, is the brothel called the White Worm? Gross and hilarious.

    30. I do not envy Otto Hightower for having to tell the king that his daughter and brother were getting frisky in a pleasure house. That is a new level of awkward.

    31. And it went about the way I thought it might.

    32. Listen, Alicent, none of us are happy about Rhaenyra hooking up with her uncle; there's no need to chew her out over it.

    33. Well, Rhaenyra has the lying part of being in politics down pat.

    34. Please do kick Daemon in the ribs some more, Vissy.

    35. "Wed her to me" — and THERE it is. 

    An image of a sword with fire, with caption "From my blood come the prince that was promised," and then Rhaenyra, with caption "But it won't amount to anything plot-wise, so don't worry about this prophecy too much, tbh"

    36. It seems like anytime Viserys has to have a serious talk with Rhaenyra about something, he just breaks out a new bit of prophecy.

    37. "You are my political headache!" This poor man truly is just trying to run a kingdom while his dumbass brother and teenage daughter cause problems for him.

    38. Wow, he really fired Otto.

    39. And he sent some abortion tea to Rhaenyra?

    40. Yep, that's abortion tea. I didn't know they had abortion tea in Westeros. Why are there so many bastards running around when they have abortion tea?

    41. My guess is there's a group of people who oppose the tea for what they claim are religious reasons, but what actually amount to controlling women's bodies.

    42. And they probably lobby the crown to make the tea illegal, and the crown goes along with it because the fact is that rich and powerful people will always have access to tea, so they don't really care that poor people won't.

    43. Free and legal tea for everyone, I say.

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